"Amplitude" - A Hybrid Style Table

Update; please see this post for the second of these tables.

I describe this piece as a hybrid style, because it is part sculpture and part furniture.  It is appropriately named Amplitude, and it really does present with a truly stunning visual impact.  Truth is, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to call this a piece of art.

Amplitude is an idea is born of the collision between the furniture that I make, and the sculptures that I create.  I suppose that was inevitable and had to happen eventually.

They are most certainly a complicated thing to make.  And, being as complicated as they are, the idea of using and CAD design is completely out of the question. It’s not that the dimensional design makes CAD pointless for this table, it’s mainly because CAD doesn’t provide insights into the mechanics of how it’s put together.  Clearly then there really was only one course of action to take, make a test piece.

So, I set about making a test piece from cheap MDF to enable me to understand the mechanical complexities of this build.  I absolutely needed to understand all of this, both the dimensions and the mechanics, before I started cutting any stainless steel.  And after making the test piece I was happy that I had demonstrated to myself that the build was possible. Complicated, absolutely fraught with additional unknown problems, because of the materials, but doable nonetheless.

The welding needs careful attention so as to avoid too much twisting in the steel from too much heat.  This was quite a long process.  The steel itself is only 1.5mm 306 stainless steel.

I fashioned the top from a single piece of Melaleuca, and formed it in the shape of a surfboard.

The base has a large piece of Swamp Mahogany undercut at floor level.  On top of that is a piece of 6mm stainless steel that is etched with my propriety technique.  Both of these base elements provide the mass for stability of the piece.

Amplitude is for sure a truly stunning piece of furniture, and so nice I think I’ll make another one.

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