Art & Other Things

What can you do with a Plasma Cutter, some scrap 316ss and a piece of Mahogany?
Giving some life to the lifeless with a bit if colour and relief.
The illusion of anti gravity. What else do you do with some old chain?
An etched Stainless Steel bowl. No, I’m not telling you how it’s done, so stop bloody asking.
I like Sushi. I also like cheese and you have to put them on something, right?
Some might say it’s too nice to put things in, but beauty & function can co-exist.
This piece finished like glass with Mango wood for mango fruit maybe?
Up-cycling an old piece of timber for a practical purpose.
Cambodian alabaster tiles inlaid into accelerated aged wood.
Creating appealing habitat for air plants, and humans.
An awesome space saver in the kitchen while protecting your cook books.
Just a little more backyard furniture to brighten the place up a bit.
Highly figured timber remnants converted into backyard habitat.
All it takes is a little highlight here and there to utterly transform bland to beautiful.
There is beauty & form even in the most wasted of things.
That's all there is, I'm not a bloody machine.