The idea here was to try and separate the component parts from the table body.
A simple & elegant three drawer desk.
This is extreme, hardcore up-cycling.
The advantage of commissioning your own furniture? One of a kind & fit for purpose.
Part sculpture and part functional furniture, this small table absolutely accomplishes both.
A floating shelf assembly made to match the nested tables.
Modern colours and finish for an old material. Too good to be firewood, yet.
Shame to see them tucked away in a dark bedroom, too good for that?
Sometimes simple things can still tie you up with design complexity.
Not just for museums. Preserving your own precious life memories is for the home too.
It is the angles in this piece that make it flow from top to bottom.
Variations of a theme, stunning all the same, but different nonetheless.
Small but strikingly colourful and visually impacting.
Again, a variation, but incorporating a display shelf is good if you’re tight on space.
Doing laundry maybe a mundane occupation, but who said the surroundings need to be drab too.
Pushing the boundaries of gravity & material integrity to create stunning.
An uncommon piece of furniture in the home these days, shame really.
Inspired entirely by the ancient stone ruins of Stonehenge in Engerland.
How much function can you include in an artists stool? Plenty apparently.
Apartment living? These are absolutely go-to modern designs for space, style & function.
Experimenting with mixed materials. Shine on you crazy diamond.
A little bit of Art Deco, maybe? With striking handpainted coloured silk inserts.
Decorating the corner of a room is far from easy. This is a nice design and easily movable.
An elegant solution to dressing a room corner.
That's all there is, I'm not a bloody machine.