Bonsai Bole

Bonsai Bole

A free form bowl titled, Bonsai Bole.  The timber is Grey Gum sourced from a very large tree that was dead standing, then it fell over.

The name comes from two separate ideas.  Firstly because the pedestal part reminds me of the trunk of an old bonsai tree.  And secondly, because the word bole, pronounced as bowl, also means the trunk of a tree, and that’s where I sourced the timber from.  Hence, Bonsai Bole.

Some people think I should have called this Whale Tale, but that’s pareidolia for you.  When I made this it I gave it a muscular form which makes it a more tactile object.  In fact, a lot of people can’t help themselves but touch this.

It is a stunning piece that took about one week to make.  Although you can’t see it, it’s actually quite deep and the sides are thin, not paper thin, but certainly cardboard thin.

The base, which is also Grey Gum, was actually made for a different piece but I felt that it really suited the overall look for this one, so there it is. I think because the base looks a little like waves, that’s why people associate it with a whale tale. Who knows.?

The table that it’s sitting on is also something that I made and is posted in here somewhere.

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