Fern Leaf Bowl

6mm 316 Stainless Steel Fern Leaf Bowl on a Swamp Mahogany base.

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Sculptural Fish Backing

The fish, which was originally on a stand, was made by another artist. I suggested a different arrangement, to put the fish in some other underwater context, perhaps with a seaweed or seagrass backing, and here you have it.

The fish is Stainless Steel and the backing is Corten Steel.

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Etched Stainless Steel Bowl

An etched Stainless Steel bowl. No, I’m not telling you how it’s done, so stop bloody asking.

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I make quite a few of these. This one has a White Cedar middle, Mango ends & Melaleuca feet. Often used as a Nibblie Platter or Bonsai & Ikebana display base.

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Bollywood Bowl with Copper Edging

Bollywood ( Litsea leefeana) a Queensland Native Rainforest tree. Finished with copper leaf edging & a Silky Oak foot

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Property Sign

Started off with this hoping I’d get away with not cleaning the timber, that was a fail so I whipped 15mm off down to better wood. Worked out well and the owner is stoked.

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Tiles in Figured Wood

Making the wood as aged as this takes a bit of time. The process does require careful monitoring as well as some serious elbow grease, but a process that is well worth it when the final product looks as good as this.

I didn’t make the tiles, they’re from Cambodia.

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Made from a split hollow log with recycled Blackwood and rebated steel banding. Yes this probably was habitat for something when it was collected just days before it was to be set on fire in a bush fire reduction burn, but now it’s habitat for some airplants, skinks & native geckos.

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