Hall Table With Stainless Steel Leg Caps

The first image is the concept design, the rest are the makings.

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Desk 3 Drawer

A simple & elegant three drawer desk.

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So this piece was a different approach to the average commission. Originally requested as a restoration I convinced the client that it would be better approached as a re-modelling.

The piece was dismantled and I reused all of the timber that I could salvage in the re-modelling. As I explained to the client, it preserves the sentimental value of the material while simultaneously providing the opportunity to continue that forward into the future.

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Book Case / Display Unit

A substantial and stunning piece. The species used are Mango, White Gum & Raintree, the drawers are Silky Oak. The glass doors are UV protective.

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“Amplitude” – A Hybrid Style Table

This is very much a hybrid style table, part sculpture and part furniture. The top is Melaleuca the steel work is brush & etched marine grade 316 Stainless Steel.

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Floating Shelves

A floating shelf assembly made to match the nested tables.

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Round Nested Table Tops

Radiata Pine stained blue/grey. Personally I like the colour & effect and will likely use it again.

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Bedside Tables

Tasmanian Myrtle. Stunning timber with beautiful chatoyance. The drawers are solid Silky Oak with a Tasmanian Myrtle false front and Brigalow two piece handle.

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Silky Oak & Blackwood (QLD) bedhead. Not shown in my crap photo is the angle back into the wall. Looks nice.

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Display Cases

Didn’t manage to get too many photos of these, but I’m sure you get the general idea.

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