Contemporary Small Side Table

Contemporary Small Side Table With Mixed Materials

This side table is the first and only piece that I made with this design idea.  The fundamental of it is isolating the component parts of a piece away from each other.

In this particular case it’s obviously the legs that I have isolated. However, in subsequent pieces I would have seen the top and even the drawers isolated.  I have also injected some consistent shadowing to compliment the styling too.

With this design idea I wanted to get more light in and around a piece.  I wanted to create shadow and visual complexity that you don’t ordinarily see in any furniture pieces, traditional, modern or otherwise.

The first image in the gallery below is the CAD design model.  I thought, in this case it’s be better to understand fully the requirements of the stainless steel leg caps and connection points before I started busting up any wood.  This side table was never sold before I left Australia, shame really.

I would have liked to put this piece back out into the forestry before I left.  It would have been nice to think of it returning back from where it came.  Against my better judgement I was convinced to do otherwise.  And this is not the only piece too.

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