Forming Words

Forming Words

This sculpture, Forming Words, is my first attempt at including steel and concrete into my work.  It is also my first self portrait.

The sculpture is a personal statement about myself, sadly, it doesn’t exist anymore.  Fortunately the same fate hasn’t fallen on the maker, yet.

You could possibly conclude many words from it’s interpretation, I imagine, however, I’m not about to tell you what the word is.  You’ll have to work that out for yourself.

The metalwork forming the sculpture is thin, 0.6mm galvanished steel, and that’s where the problem starts.  All of the zinc has to be removed before the steel can be welded.  That only leaves about about 0.4mm thickness.  Welding at that thickness, low amps are your friend, along with a super pointed electrode.

The concrete pedestal base is an experimental design.  It is bolted together, and so the whole piece can be completely dismantled.

Making this sculpture was a good education in using these two materials.  I wouldn’t exclude the possibility of including either of these in the other things that I make.  I’d certainly use this steel gauge again, but not with zinc on it.  The steel is easier to use at this thickness.  You don’t have to have huge workshop, or machines, and that makes it more affordable.  A plasma cutter, angle grinder and a drill are almost all the tools you need.

Goodbye Forming Words, you were a challenge but worth the effort.

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