A Seat

A Seat

It’s a seat, it’s definitely for sitting in and maybe it’s for waiting in, who knows?

Apparently the bloke who bought the seat was going to put it in his pool room, as in the game, not swimming. I was hoping that it might end up somewhere with more opportunity, maybe it has.

The diamond pattern is, in part, the Crooked Timber brand. You’ll see the whole thing at the bottom of this blabble.  The idea of that brand symbol is derived from the the Pink Floyd song, Shine On You Crazy Diamond.  And it is almost certainly one of a kind.

The seat was a challenging build. The stainless steel had to be fabricated very precisely.  The steel work had installed during the construction of the seat, increasing the complexity of the build.  And, it had to be protected while the seat was being finished because it was already polished.  You don’t want to be re-polishing stainless steel in-situ like this, because that would be an absolute nightmare.

The timbers used are Brigalow framing and Silky Oak trim.  The metalwork is polished 316 stainless steel and the upholstery is coloured cow leather.

As a seat, I have always been curious about who might sit in it.  It is a special piece of furniture with a very special purpose.  Maybe good and maybe it was bad.  Either way I’m sure it is serving it’s purpose well.

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