Privacy Screen / Room Divider

Privacy Screen / Room Divider

At the time, it seemed like a really good idea to make this privacy screen / room divider.  Little did I know then that people in Queensland don’t buy things like this, only things that are cheap and made in chyna.

I didn’t actually paint the screens, that was done by my neighbor at the time.  Later I changed the material for something a little less colourful in an attempt to sell it.  Nope, didn’t work, I still have it.

In fact before I left Australia, this is one of the pieces I had left which I was going to take out to the forestry and install there, looking back now, I wish I had.

Anyway, it was a fairly straightforward piece to make although tracking down the stainless hinges took a bit of work.

Again, one of one, not made in chyna.

I is easily the biggest draw in I have ever made.  I couldn’t tell you the number of people who would approach me at markets and pander over the screen.  And in all the years I had it I only ever received 1 offer to buy it.  It was one Sunday morning at Pomona markets when a woman approached me and asked if I’d take $500 for it.  Like I said, if it’s not cheap in Queensland, you’re wasting your time.

And the truth of the matter is I’m not bitter I didn’t sell this privacy screen / room divider.  I’m just disappointed that I didn’t get to leave it out in the forestry.

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