Bollywood Bowl

Freeform Bollywood Bowl

This free form Bollywood bowl is made from a Queensland native tree, unsurprisingly named Bollywood, (Litsea Leafeana).  It is fashioned in such a way as to make it irresistible to touch.  And that is a style I use frequently in these objects of art as well as my sculpture.  It’s nice to say that this Bollywood bowl sold relatively quickly.

It isn’t a rare timber, but it is, however, beautiful and relatively uncommon, particularly a tree of this size.  The broadest slab that came from it was 1.1m at it’s widest.

The timber is extraordinarily stable. That means it does not twist and bend much with changes in moisture content. This is the main reason that it was used, historically, for making window frames.

The edging of it is copper leaf and it sits on a Silky Oak base.  It is a beautiful free form Bollywood bowl and it’s simple sculptural form, I think is what makes it so appealing.

As I say Bollywood was Bollywood before Bollywood was Bollywood. And while we’re on the subject of India, do you know the Indian government is trying to destroy their own farmers.

Yes, it is absolutely true. The Indian government appear to have been infiltrated my large corporate entities. These entities appear to be trying to get rid of local farms and the like. They are also trying to force other farmers onto GM products that will destroy local agriculture.

If you want to see evidence of these claims I recommend the following link.

ECOLOGIST: Informed By Nature. The site is run by Colin Todhunter and I absolutely recommend you have a read.

Also, by now, if you haven’t picked up on the reality that this is actually happening worldwide, then I suggest you get your head out of your arse and start paying attention.  In particular, if you think the UN agenda 2030 and it’s 17 SDGs are going to do good, then I’m telling you, you want to be doing some research really soon.  Time is running out.  Remember what happened in Sri Lanka?, well you can maybe look forward to some of that if things keep going the way they are.

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And, never forget, you are, undeniably, being lied to, every … single … day … Here’s some truth for you.

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