Golden Mango Bowl

Golden Mango Bowl

I have called this piece a Golden Mango Bowl, but not because of the colour of the wood. It’s called what it is because of the 24kt gold leaf that I have used to finish the edges.

Interestingly, the gold leaf is slightly roughened.  I had to made it that way because smooth gold leaf is just a little too blingy. It really doesn’t present very well at all in that way.

I have finished this particular Golden Mango Bowl to a near glass finish. The reflection of the finish can be seen in the in some of the gallery images below.  The Mango timber produces a stunning result. It does take some effort to achieve so long as you’re prepared to sand, sand and sand.

A word of caution to be very mindful of with Mango timber is bug attacks. Boring beetles and the like absolutely love Mango timber, and why wouldn’t they. So, you have a couple of choices. Either you can spray the timber, or you can make sure it’s completely covered/sealed, until you’re finished with it.

The form of the bowl is also very appealing. In fact I couldn’t even estimate the number of people that this has drawn in. And, when I say drawn in, I mean they cannot resist the urge to touch it.  This is, of course, an intentional tactic that I use.  This Bollywood bowl is another example of the same sculptural style.

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