Mini T-Rex Fossil

Mini T-Rex Fossil

As I have already noted on the excerpt, this mini T-Rex fossil is most definitely an experiment.

Like most, if not all, of the things I make this is the answer to so many questions.  Is it doable?.  What will the effect look like?.  And assuming that things work out, the next question is where and how can I use this effect again.

I know its a pretty cool little thing, this mini T-Rex fossil, because other people have told me so.  I have also had people look at this for quite sometime only to ask;  Is that real?.

It’s hard to comprehend people actually asking that question, but they have.

One other thing that’s hard to comprehend is why the masses of people on this planet never stop to consider truth. Why is there now so little critical thinking.  This is, of course, possibly a statement in error, because it assumes that there was a reasonable level of critical thinking to begin with.  And it is possible, judging by history, that that assumption is in error.  If you don’t believe me, have a read here.

Nevertheless, why do so few people question what they are told.  Whether it’s by the media or puppet politicians, so few ask any questions.

The absence of that basic ability is going to be our undoing and the undoing is already well underway.

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And, never forget, you are, undeniably, being lied to, every … single … day … Here’s some truth for you.

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