Sin Cerebro (Without a Brain)

Sin Cerebro (Without a Brain)

This sculpture, Sin Cerebro (Without a Brain), is my first completed sculpture in Mexico.

It is a surrealist sculpture describing a person unable and unwilling to see truth.  Regardless of facts or evidence of a matter, these people are incapable of seeing the truth. They absolutely resist any idea beyond the propaganda they willingly expose themselves to on a daily basis.  I see it as willful ignorance and it is going to kill even more people than it already has since 2020.

Firstly, I am using the surrealist analogy of telling someone that their hair is on fire. And yes, that maybe true, however, because their propaganda machine is telling them otherwise, they are prevented from realising the truth, that their hair is actually on fire.

Secondly, medical looking masks serve as the perfect demonstration of the willingness to obey propaganda. And that would be propaganda designed by corporations, not government.  Sadly,  the hierarchy that used to define democracy, i.e, with government at the top, well, that doesn’t exist anymore.  Sorry for the bad news.

And if you still believe in masks, remember, according to the WHO, masks never worked prior to 2020. Still not convinced? try reading these facts, 170+ studies right here.

In conclusion, and most importantly, this reality can be applied to any “crisis du jour”.  It doesn’t matter which one, take your pick, they all have the same goals.  Certainly, at least, the propaganda always has the same goals, compliance, division and ostracising of those who can see through the bullshit, by the willfully ignorant.

Technical Stuff about Sin Cerebro

Sin Cerebro (Without a Brain) was unquestionably an experiment with pine. Obviously pine does not hold detail, which is why, subsequently, the eyes didn’t work out well.  The grain kept collapsing.  I chased it for a little bit, but, the damage was done. I am not worried about it though, because the eyes were always to be blindfolded anyway.

Sin Cerebro Crooked Timber Contact Via Comment Sculpture Art Furniture

And, never forget, you are, undeniably, being lied to, every … single … day … Here’s some truth for you.

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