Property Sign

Property Sign

Nothing much to really blab on about with this thing.  It’s a property sign.

As you can see from the main picture the timber, provided by the client, was in pretty bad condition.  I made an attempt at it as provided, but that proved too difficult.  So, I had to remove 10mm off the surface and started from there.

The lettering is bulked out with a router, and as you can see it is finished off with some hand work.  Silver paint is added into the property sign lettering prior to the installation.

Speaking of signs, have you noticed the increase in totalitarianism and fascism these days. It all appears to be starting from private, un-elected and unaccountable organisations too.

The WHO seems to be one of the worst of them.  Seriously.  They are a private organisation, not legally elected, that want their decisions to be legally binding on all peoples around the world.  At the same time, they refuse to be bound by their own rules, vis-a-vis, the International Health Regulations (IHR).

Honestly, you couldn’t make this stuff up.  This world has been down this road before.  We know that it doesn’t end well, so why are all the signs telling me that’s the direction we’re headed.

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And, never forget, you are, undeniably, being lied to, every … single … day … Here’s some truth for you.

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