Sculptural Fish Habitat

Sculptural Fish Habitat

I was asked if I was able to do something with this fish. The fish was made by another artist whom had stuck it on the end of a stainless rod and base. It didn’t look all that great, and really it was very much like a fish out of water.  So I made this Sculptural Fish Habitat.

This sculpture was only my second large piece using steel.

During the thought process to create something more appealing, I imagined placing the fish in a better context. And so that is what I made.

I am an ex-Dive Instructor, and I have seen all sorts of weird and wonderful species and experienced their environment first hand. To me the most obvious home for this thing was sea grass. So I made sea grass leaves. And, I like the idea of the fish appearing to have just been discovered trying to hide itself away. After all, the fish does have that “surprised” look on it’s face, which is admittedly a touch anthropomorphic.

From a technical perspective, the steel is mounted on a frame which is, subsequently, fastened to the wall. The steel is Corten steel which is the type of architectural steel that is designed to rust. I think the contrast between the stainless steel of the fish and the Sculptural Fish Habitat works well. But, I would say that though wouldn’t I.

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