Large Side Cabinet With Book Case

Large Side Cabinet With Book Case Fine Handmade Artisan Furniture

This large side cabinet with book case is an absolute behemoth of a piece and visually stunning, of course.

The building of this unit really did challenge the size of my workshop.  At just under six meters long, it had to be built in two pieces.  Most of it also had to be carried up 20 flights of stairs to the penthouse.

Five species of timber, Mango, Raintree, White Gum, Kauri Pine and Silky oak all combine to complete this piece.  The glass doors are coated to eliminate UV light, protecting the small private book collection therein.

I got a rough sketch from the client and set about making the design. I have made a CAD design model, those images can be seen at the end of the gallery, the last two.  After completing the build, I personally feel this large side cabinet with book case is one of the most stunning pieces that I have seen.  Never mind the fact that I made it.

One additional comment that I would make, is about the joinery.  I have used this style quite a lot, but as yet I have not seen this style of joinery used to this size and extent. For anyone out there thinking of attempting anything similar, I’ll give you a bit of advice. Make sure the material you use for your templates cannot bend when taped into position.

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