Silver Fern Leaf Bowl

Silver Fern Leaf Bowl Sculpture Art Fine Handmade Artisan Furniture

So, yes, what exactly can you do with some scrap 6mm thick 316 stainless steel? 

Well, I turned this bit into a Silver Fern Leaf Bowl, of course. Actually, if I recall correctly this was made from the old base of You Me Us, after it was permanently installed outdoors at Wolvi.

This all came about because I ran a small artisan market stall at various markets in Queensland.

It was quite normal for many tourists from New Zealand to come to these markets. So it seemed like a fairly obvious opportunity to make a quid from some old scrap material. It should be no surprise that this sold very quickly.  Nice little earner too.

The design is obviously the New Zealand silver fern and the patterning is a process that I developed myself.  The stainless steel is fully and indelibly etched by this process.

I have been asked many many time to reveal how this is done, no, I’m still not telling you.

The base of this Silver Fern Leaf Bowl is a scrap piece of Swamp Mahogany timber that has a velvet base.

As with most of my posts this one shows off my truly awesome photography skills.  I particularly like the way I managed to get that blurred effect on the first two pics.  Awesome.  And the fact that there’s not many photos either.  Most of my photos are taken with one of these.

It’s photography Jim, but not as we know it.

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