Single Legged Corner Table

Single Legged Corner Table

This single legged corner table has a simple but unique design and purpose.

It’s purpose is to allow people to populate the corners of rooms with furniture, which are difficult to ornate.  Sure there are other things out there that perform the same function, this is another option.  Room corners, often looking empty and bleak, can now be places of colour and interest.

This is a simple and elegant piece of furniture that hides some design inclusions to assist it’s purpose.  The physical characteristics of the table are such that the table wants to “fall” into the corner thus making it very stable.

There are two design elements that make the “fall” possible.  Firstly there are timber counter weights placed under the top to the back of the leg.  Secondly, and very importantly, the bottom of the leg in contact with the floor is back cut 0.25. The table is standing on a point at the front of the leg.

This style of single legged corner table will accommodate a significant overhang off the front edge without toppling.

The tables can be fastened to a wall, but that defeats the purpose of the design.  Fixing the table to the wall removes the tables mobility.  And, if you’re going to fasten it to a wall you may as well put up a shelf instead.

I have used Red Gum for the top, it has a Queensland Blackwood leg and Swamp Mahogany counter weights.

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