Pedestal Table

Pedestal Table

Very much an exercise in recycling making this pedestal table.  The old outdoor umbrella base was just crying out for an opportunity like this.  It was especially work intensive to recover it though.

Most of the timbers were bits and pieces of off-cuts from previous projects.  The only new piece that’s included is the Swamp Mahogany pedestal leg.  This is formed from a single piece.  Drilling the pedestal leg all the way through was probably the biggest challenge with this project.  Stopping the drill bit from deflecting at this length is not easy.

The second biggest challenge was negotiating a reasonable price with the bloke who was selling the umbrella base.

I really like the deep colours that the woods have in this little pedestal table. It all works really well together including the old umbrella base. I think anyway.

The timbers used are Brigalow and Red Gum top, Red Gum vaulted supports and a Swamp Mahogany pedestal leg.

I used to take this table to the markets with me in an attempt to sell it.  And as with many of the things I made in Australia, none of them sold.  It didn’t even have a particularly high price on it.  I think it just never sold because it’s not bland enough.

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