The Gate Post v2.0

The Gate Post v2.0 is a surrealist interpretation of a serious and increasingly worsening problem. It is also, in part, a social commentary. A lot of which you will also find spread across this website.

The sculpture serves as a warning about the real loss and invasion of privacy in the digital era.

The inspiration to make The Gate Post v2.0 came from many places. It was, however, the adage of; ‘Between you, me and the gate post’, that was the principle inspiration. The Listening Post, one of my earlier sculptures, provided some technical assistance. I did actually serve as a maqueta.

The Gate Post v2.0 also serves as a cautionary tale. Indeed, the anticipation of the secrecy of things, communicated in confidence, may not always be guaranteed in the modern world.

In the making of The Gate Post v2.0 I have to say that I got a bit lucky. I tried various gates to hang off the post, and to be honest none of them really had that “look” that I wanted. Luckily for me there was an old cattle race where we used to live then. Long since used, it had a lot of old fencing, and fortunately for me and the sculpture, an old gate.

This piece won the Major Sculptural Award at Sculpture On The Edge in Queensland in 2017. A nice little $5k earner I must say. That exhibition has now been taken over by the local council and I don’t think there’s any record of that anymore, which is a shame. Scratch that, found one on the waybackmachine, The Gate Post v2.0.

As I rebuild and update this site, I note that it is now rapidly approaching 10 years since I made this sculpture. Regretfully, as I predicted, things have gotten much much worse.

Indeed who could have foreseen that there would be a war on misinformation. A war with the singular purpose of shutting down truth and aided by lackey governments around the world. The reality that many if not most national governments are in fact the main source of misinformation is an irony that is pretty hard to dodge. But there are plenty of people out there who are prepared to rationalise anything in anyway, in a desperate attempt to avoid facing the truth.

And that truth is that we are hurtling towards a fascist totalitarian state of affairs at breakneck speed.

It truly is an extraordinary thing to behold that here we are in the mid 2020s and the planet is on the verge of returning back to a feudal system. A feudal system that, at it’s heart, is nothing more than corporate fascist totalitarianism orchestrated by the very very few against the many. The very organisations that were setup to facilitate a global peace and order are now fully responsible for the facilitation of the absolute opposite of those aims.

Those new corporate fascist totalitarianism aims are conceived and implemented by unelected and unaccountable parasitic whores who care for nothing but their own selfish self serving psychotic greed. They have built their Trojan Horses in the image of the lies that are global pandemics and health and the biggest lie of them all, Climate Change.

The UN agenda 2030 and it’s 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) are being rolled out from that Trojan Horse called climate change. As always, the language they use to define their goals is written the way it is for one purpose. It is there only to conceal the real intent that their plan. It is there as always to conceal the truth from the masses, whom at this point, appear to be content in seeing their own demise become reality.

All of it is going to be to the devastation of life on this planet.  Unless of course people start to seek out some truth and realise the lies they are being told, are just that, lies.

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And, never forget, you are, undeniably, being lied to, every … single … day … Here’s some truth for you.

I do not use Meta products, for obvious reasons.

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