The Listening Post

The Listening Post

This piece The Listening Post was an award winning sculpture in 2016.  I didn’t take any progress pictures, because I didn’t see the point when I was making it.  So these are the best I can do.

It is sculpted from a single piece of Crows Ash which is extremely hard, much like this timber.  The striking property of this piece though is that it looks like a piece of Marble.

The reason I made this was because, at the time, I was reading about spook and spy things.  And it was during that time that I heard, or read, the term Listening Post being mentioned.  That invited the obvious question, what is a listening post?.

Well, it turns out it’s not really a term that’s used, at all.  So that then begs the next question, If such a thing did actually exist, what would it look like?.

Well, pardon me for stating the obvious, but a Listening Post would have to look post like, and have some capacity for listening.  I could have sculpted a microphone on either side, but that wouldn’t really have quite the same effect now, would it.?

This piece ended up serving as a maqueta for a much larger outdoor sculpture that I made. That piece is also in here, and it’s called The Gate Post v2.0.  That piece was also an award winning sculpture at Sculpture On The Edge in Queensland in 2017.

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