My Chair

My Chair

One comment that I always used to receive a lot was, why wasn’t I making any chairs?.  Well, I can make chairs, and this is my chair.

The reason I don’t make random chairs to sell is because peoples dimensions are many and varied.  I’m also not keen on making a whole bunch of chairs that I can’t sell.  Additionally, I just don’t have that much storage space, nor the ability to move them around.  Anyway, I eventually got the sh!ts with the questions and made myself a chair, my chair.

More of a throne really, than a chair.  I have since cut the back down on this so that it looks a bit more normal.  I get that the styling is a bit ordinary, but styling wasn’t the point of making my chair.  It was just the act of demonstrating robust joinery and function.

I did enjoy making the Camphor Laurel inlays into the arms.  They are, by the way, more than sufficiently wide enough to put a pint glass on.  And that was, above all else, the first and only design concern with this.  The woods I used are Melaleuca, Silky Oak, Brigalow, Rose Gum and Camphor Laurel.  The seat is covered with Cow leather.

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