Hall Table

Classic Hall Table

This hall table was an award winning piece in 2016.

I have made and sold numerous versions of this design, but they have all been made with with some changes.

Each table remains absolutely unique, because I do not do production runs on anything I make. Otherwise, what’s the point? Would you rather walk into a friends house and exclaim, oh I’ve got one of those too. I doubt that very much. I think most people would rather the opposite and have friends come to their place and exclaim, wow that’s stunning.

The main design element with this particular table was in addition of through aprons.  Obviously it can’t be seen, because I didn’t take enough photos.  The table aprons actually interlock at the top of the table leg.  This provides for a more robust joint with the inclusion of this mechanical element.  The joints are also glued.

As I have noted before, it is the simplicity of the design that makes pieces like this so popular.  I think it’s that simplicity that doesn’t crowd out the colouring of the woods.

The woods used in this hall table are Swamp Mahogany legs, Brigalow Apron, Brigalow & Queensland Blackwood top with a Rose Gum flourish.  Beautiful.

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