Entertainment Cabinet

Entertainment Cabinet

This entertainment cabinet is easily the heaviest piece of furniture I have ever made.

In totality this thing comes in at a massive 170kg.  Each drawer weighs approximately 5kg, and there are 14 of those.

The “design” was provided to me by the client.  That design could be best described as random chicken scratchings.  In fact, I reckon you could come up with a better design by just randomly dropping pencils onto a piece of paper.  It would be fair to say it’s the worst level of communication of an idea that I’ve ever seen.

Given the complexity of the carcass of this entertainment cabinet I had to compile the design in CAD.

Each piece of timber in the carcass is a complete whole.  There are no lap joints on any of the longer pieces nor anything similar.  And all of the carcass framing is Swamp Mahogany.  Talk about over the top.

I made the drawer boxes with Silky Oak.  This is a bit challenging with the finger jointing, because of the hairiness of the timber.  But given it’s stability it’s a good timber to use for this component.  The drawer face is a single piece of Crows Ash with a concealed finger grab at the bottom.

The internal paneling is all Crows Ash.  The end panels are single pieces of Red Gum.  The top is a single piece of Swamp Mahogany.

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