New Habitat

New Habitat

This new habitat is made from an ex-firewood split hollow log with recycled Blackwood and rebated steel banding.  The steel banding has been fire burnt to accelerate the rusting process.  With that all you need to do it stick it in a big fire and collect it in the morning.  Then just leave it outside and put some water on it from time to time if you need to.

Yes, the new habitat or ex-firewood was probably existing habitat for something when it was collected. But that was just days before it was to be set on fire in a bush fire reduction burn.  Now it’s new habitat for some air plants, skinks & native geckos.

Pretty cool garden ornaments and a popular enough item at a market stall, particularly with that rustic look about it.

And while we’re on the subject of homes, and moving away from new habitat and ex-firewood, have you noticed that big companies are buying up a lot of real estate.  Well, yes they are.  They appear to be snapping up family homes and all that kind of thing.  And it’s happening everywhere.

Of course, this shouldn’t really come as much of a surprise, well not to those paying attention anyway.  You see, the clock is ticking and it’s only a matter of time before you will own nothing and be happy, apparently.  Your life is about to be available by subscription only.

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And, never forget, you are, undeniably, being lied to, every … single … day … Here’s some truth for you.

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