Three Drawer Side Table

Three Drawer Side Table

It’s all about the angles with this three drawer side table, from top to bottom.

Mainly I just wanted to see what this piece would look like with an apron that tucks in under the table top, including angled drawer faces too.  In making the whole piece make a bit more sense and flow from top to bottom, I undercut the top and put quite a severe taper on the legs as well.

It was particularly challenging to make, in fact I didn’t even do any CAD design with this at all, the whole thing from start to finish was made entirely free style.

I also like the complementary colours in it.  Most of the wood for this piece I processed myself from felled trees, either at my place or elsewhere.

Thankfully I did end up selling this piece, otherwise I’d never have made much else.

I would have done some things differently. Putting a board under the drawers would have been a good idea. Also, I would have taken my time a bit more an selected the timbers a little more carefully. Not that there’s anything wrong with them, they just could have been better.

The top on this three drawer side table did finish well, and rather like glass. Wish I’d gotten a picture of that.

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