Sometimes things are the complete opposite of what you might perceive.
Pareidolia anyone? Maybe.
I am myself and need no special treatment in this world, what am I?
A solid rendering & visualisation into the idea of infinite uncertainty.
A surrealist interpretation of a very real problem we all face.
The full size sculpture. Completely mobile as the maqueta even at 500kg.
An experimental piece and a bit of fun for those familiar with the band Ministry.
If a tree had spirit, I’m not so sure it’d be all that happy.
What is a Listening Post without ears?
Injecting some time lapse movement into a piece of cubism.
The bare bones of an extraordinary surrealist creation.
Creating an emotional connection between two inanimate objects.
What was the first point and is there a third ?
A story of having the strength to carry on in the face of adversity, albeit in abstract fashion.
Strength. Taking a leap of faith into the unknown, regardless of the consequences.