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As with many, if not all of my posts and pages, I like to take the opportunity to fill out a bit of space, because I can.  Feel free to jog on past this bit and contact via comment.

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So, the biggest problem this planet has is the manner in which the masses of people will believe any old shit they’re told.  Seriously it is unbelievable.  It is unbelievable how people are so easily manipulated into doing what they’re told to do through the media.  There are other outlets for manipulative propaganda, but those treasonous bastards are by far the worst.

Take for example the fraudulent garbage that is the “climate emergency”.  How many people do you know whom have actually bothered to stop listening to the garbage they’re told and actually go and do their own investigation into the truth?.  Probably close to none I’m guessing.  If you’re interested in a little bit of truth, there is a link below all of this.  Read it, it’s the actual truth of the matter and you may well be shocked.

Anyway, if you managed to get this far, well done, please feel free to contact via comment.  And good luck.

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