Custom Dining Table

Custom Dining Table

I made this custom dining table for a friend.  He lived in an apartment which didn’t provide an abundance of space and because of that he commissioned this table. It is a non-standard size being only 600mm wide and suits it’s location nicely.

The original owner of this custom dining table is now dead. And he used it well.

The table still lives, and I know where it lives.  Long live the table.

And I am going to take this opportunity to write a few truths and observations. And I am going to do that, because the previous owner would be dirty at me if I didn’t.

Absolutely Nothing To Do With This Custom Dining Table

He was absolutely nauseated by the staggering levels of fear and compliance he witnessed from 2020.  I would have to agree, absolutely nauseating.
And the obvious conclusion about this new reality, because it is the most shocking, there is no going back.  There is no coming back from that nauseating fear and compliance.  And there is no coming back from the totalitarian fascism that created and controlled it.
I saw many things at the markets, some good and some that should never have happened.  One striking memory I do have is what one woman said to me one day.
I was set up next to a couple selling scented products and the like.  At one point that morning she turned to me and said that she was glad for all of this.  She was glad for the bullshit masks,  she was glad for the bullshit social distancing,  she was glad about all the mandates.
All of these things she was glad for, because she now understood that the world she thought she had been living in, was a total and complete lie.  Now that that thin veil hiding the real truth of Australia had been lifted, even though she hated and despised that reality that now prevails, she was glad to no longer be living a lie.

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And, never forget, you are, undeniably, being lied to, every … single … day … Here’s some truth for you.

I do not use Meta products, for obvious reasons.

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