Console Table

Console Table

This commission for a console table started in much the same way that most commissions do.

Client: I need a table.

Me: Yeah, that’s great, what kind.

Client: I don’t know.

So begins the design process.

And this is an excellent example of how to start that design process.  Firstly and most importantly, you need to understand that the design process is about connection and story.  This is absolutely paramount.

You need to provide a connection in through and across a room.  This is done while simultaneously telling part of the story of whom it is that occupies that space.

So I started with a simple request.  I asked for photos of the space in and around the area where this table was going to be located.  And there in the hallway was the obvious solution, the mirror.  Or more exactly, the timber inclusions in the framing of the mirror.  That’s where I started.

I knew that mechanically it would be a challenge to use these as a leg design, but who doesn’t like a challenge.  And off I went.

There are many tricks to this little console table.  And what I can tell you is that I’m not telling you any of them.

The timber is entirely Blackwood (QLD). The front edge of the table is finished with silver leaf.

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