Outdoor Dining Table

Outdoor dining table

A simple but functional outdoor dining table that comfortably seats six people. I made it a slated table because that seemed to be the most obvious design at the time.

So I made this table to test out some new equipment that I bought.  I wasn’t interested in making anything fancy or complex in case the machinery didn’t function as expected.  Anyway, it turns out that it worked pretty good, because this is the outcome which is cool.

The table is made entirely from highly durable Swamp Mahogany and weighs around 50kg.  It has been designed so that the top appears to be floating.  The design for that idea wasn’t exactly brilliant with this table because it wasn’t entirely concealed.  That is, the method of creating that appearance of floating wasn’t fully concealed.  You get that sometimes.

Funnily enough, I couldn’t sell this outdoor dining table.  And that story gets worse.  When I was preparing to leave Australia, I called the Salvation Army to come and take some things away.  I offered them this table too, because it had to be removed one way or another.  They said to me point blank wouldn’t take it.  Unbelievable, couldn’t even give the fucking thing away, ffs.

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