Narrow Entry Hall Table

Narrow Entry Hall Table

This narrow entry hall table is designed and created for people with limited living space.  It is the output of an idea to ornament small spaces.  Small spaces like the corner of a room, a narrow hallway or other small areas. The design, I thought, would be particularly useful for apartment living,

It is called it a narrow entry hall table, however you would be able to put it anywhere.  Put them in a bathroom, a bedroom, wherever you like, because I doubt they’d look out of place anywhere.

The design functions in the same way as the single legged corner tables I make.  They are all designed to fall into the wall because that provides the table with good stability.

The tables can be fastened to a wall, but that defeats the purpose of the design.  If you’re going to fasten it to a wall you may as well put up a shelf instead.

The timbers are Crows Ash, Silky Oak runner and Swamp Mahogany inlays.  The metal bar is polished 316 stainless steel.  They are reasonably easy to make.  If you want to hide the fasteners, however, there is some complexity in attaching the stainless steel bar.

This was an awesome little table. It was a functional table style that I liked and used every day.

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