This bedhead project uses a style of joinery that is I have used quite extensively throughout my furniture commissions.  The actual method is called complementary curves and it can be challenging, with respect to accuracy, particularly at this length. The effect is well worth the effort though.  This piece also demonstrates the technique to it’s absolute extreme.

I have used Silky Oak & Queensland Blackwood timbers.  Both timbers are stunning and complimentary, they also glue together extremely well. Mechanically, this is very important, particularly on a piece this long.

For the installation, I attached supports directly to the wall at the back of the bedhead.  In this case, it seemed by far the best approach for installation.  The bedhead itself is treated much like a tabletop and is fastened to the supports with table buttons.  For large timber surfaces like this, it’s the best method to use.  It allows the timber to expand and contact with varying moisture content.

The bedhead, as designed, leans back into the wall.  The supports fastened to the wall are beveled to create that effect.  Unfortunately, it’s not entirely obvious in the photographs.  Photography is obviously something I need to work on.

And, for anyone reading this who knows how it’s done but have never attempted it, I have some advice. Use as much double-sided tape as you can, because any movement in your template and you’ll be re-cutting your wood.

Also, pay particular attention to the grain structure.  Because, for the most part, you will be routing parallel with the grain, timbers with a long straight grain, not interlocking, can cause problems.  The areas where you really need to pay attention is when you get close to the apex point of the curves.  Sometimes it’s better to start at the apex and work away, which means one side will be running with the router rotation.  So in that case be careful the piece doesn’t run away from you.

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