A floating shelf assembly made to match the nested tables.
Modern colours and finish for an old material. Too good to be firewood, yet.
Shame to see them tucked away in a dark bedroom, too good for that?
Sometimes simple things can still tie you up with design complexity.
Not just for museums. Preserving your own precious life memories is for the home too.
It is the angles in this piece that make it flow from top to bottom.

My Legacy Fine Furniture Making.

Welcome to the Crooked Timber furniture page.

In many ways I sense that this is now just a legacy page of my furniture creations.  Is there any chance that I will make furniture like this again?, who knows?.  But, I suspect no.  Knowing how much space is required to create these things to start with, that’s a challenge.  Then there’s the machinery which is not something that is easily available, or cheap.  Then there’s the materials … then most importantly there’s getting the clients …. and it goes on and on, and on.

So, sadly, I think it’s the end.

During the time that I was making furniture one of the foundational considerations that I tried to always apply was, simplicity. To me, I just don’t really see the need to have highly ornate objects that appear to be visually complex. Sure that look does have it’s place from time to time, but really, to me at least, that idea of complexity has a limited audience. And when you’re trying to sell the furniture you make, limited audience is not the phrase you want in your vocabulary.

Another thing that I always considered first and foremost before starting anything is, colour. Fortunately in Australia, there exists an extraordinary broad range of timbers with an equally broad range of colours. Pretty much everything from the blondest blonde to the darkest black and a huge range between those two.

Crooked Timber Furniture

The image at right is an example of the range of colours that I’m talking about. This particular selection was a box of samples that I sent to Italy and specifically for the Chatometry project being run there by my mate Paulo. As I noted on the front page, if you’re not familiar with what chatoyance is or indeed what chatometry is, this please feel free to check out this link here.

Lastly, one thing that I got to start working on was the inclusion of mixed materials into my furniture. Some years ago I taught myself to TIG weld with the specific aim of being able to include steelwork into my furniture pieces, as well as my sculpture and art of course. Sadly, as a result of the globally coordinated tyranny that we now live under, I wasn’t able to continue with that. I will try to continue with that in my sculpture and art, whenever, if ever, I get the chance to.

Anyway, and moving on, I have to say that all is not lost. There are the things that I have created. And those things have given so many people pleasure in there lives, that is priceless. There is also the opportunity for other people to be inspired by the furniture I have made too. Anyway, I hope you enjoy.  Oh, and don’t forget to check out the sculpture as well as the art & other stuff.

And if you do continue to navigate your way through the rest of this website, you’ll probably notice the inclusion of some entirely unrelated content. Well, unrelated to furniture to be sure.

Over the last little while, since I’ve been re-building this website, I’ve taken to adding commentary that I feel is important to include here. Since I can no longer make furniture I am going to concentrate on my sculpture and in particular clarifying the message that I want to send with it.

As I have noted before, I like simplicity, it is helpful in so many ways. And this case, this message that I want to get across is very much founded with the same principle. And the message is; fascist totalitarian tyranny = bad. Seriously, as equations go, it’s pretty simple right? I mean we can all understand that without needing to have a PhD in subatomic nuclear brain surgery.

I would like to think that you are aware that this is now such a serious problem on this planet as to literally now be a matter of life and death. It has actually been a matter of life and death for many many decades, but now, now the problem is being accelerated, and we are being overrun.

The particular problem is that we are being overrun by a corporate fascist totalitarianism that is going to decimate this planet. The idea of it is being propagated by the few unelected and unaccountable multi billionaire individual and corporate parasitic whores who dictate their selfish and inhuman global policy for profit. That global policy is dictated to, once again, unelected and unaccountable treasonous accomplice alphabet organisations such as the UN and WHO, to name just two.

In turn that global policy is foisted onto our sovereign national governments by way of “treaties and “agreements”. And then our governments enact those global policies into local law. Those would be local laws that you didn’t ask for. Those would be local laws that you didn’t vote for. Those would be local laws that do not serve or benefit you or your communities. These laws are for the parasitic class to protect them from you. Maybe it will make more sense when you realise that the carbon problem is you. You are the carbon that they want to get rid of, and they’re getting away with it.

As we progress over the next few years things are going to get worse. They’re going to get much much . And that is going to happen because we no longer have functioning democracy in many parts of the world. Our democracies have been taken over. They have been infiltrated and overrun by organisations like the fascist WEF, to name just one. And they have been overrun because of a complete absence of oversight from the very people they are there to serve.

Our governments are all now nothing more than inanimate objects serving the convenience of the likes of the UN, WHO, WEF.  They have a lying deceitful agenda, and this is the truth of the matter.  Your democracy is gone. You might want to try and get it back, before it completely disappears from memory.

Click here to read some truth likely starting in 2024.

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