Inspired entirely by the ancient stone ruins of Stonehenge in Engerland.
How much function can you include in an artists stool? Plenty apparently.
Apartment living? These are absolutely go-to modern designs for space, style & function.
Experimenting with mixed materials. Shine on you crazy diamond.
A little bit of Art Deco, maybe? With striking handpainted coloured silk inserts.
Decorating the corner of a room is far from easy. This is a nice design and easily movable.

My Legacy Fine Furniture Making.

Welcome to the Crooked Timber furniture page.

In many ways I sense that this is now just a legacy page of some of my creations.  Is there any chance that I will make anything like this again, who knows.  But, I suspect no.  Knowing how much space is required to create these things to start with, that’s a challenge.  Then there’s the machinery which is not something that is easily available, or cheap.  Then there’s the materials … then most importantly there’s getting the clients …. and it goes on and on, and on.

So, sadly, I think it’s the end.

But all is not lost. There are the things that I have created. And those things have given so many people pleasure in there lives, that is priceless. There is also the opportunity for other people to be inspired by the things I have made too. Anyway, I hope you enjoy.  Oh, and don’t forget to check out the sculpture as well as the art & other stuff.

Furniture, did someone say furniture. Funny you should mention that. I was just thinking of how most national governments have become, well, furniture. They’re all now nothing more than inanimate objects serving the convenience of the likes of the UN, WHO, WEF.  Your democracy is gone. You might want to try and get it back, before it completely disappears from memory.

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